Community Bible Church

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I was delighted to work with Pastor Tom Necamp of Community Bible Church, to update their current website by providing a place for members and visitors to access information and hear the good news of the Gospel. Tom wanted to keep the design simple and easy to use, so that it might be a useful tool for visitors and members alike.

Our church’s website had been neglected and much less than useful for a few years. Our purpose for a webpage is pretty simple; we aren’t trying to market anything on the internet, just providing some helpful and useful information for anyone wanting to know something more about who we are and what we do. Not being a web designer, even this task was beyond my reach. I have known Laurel for several years, and when I learned that she offered web design services, I asked for help. And help is what I got. I told her what we wanted to accomplish, gave her the account name and password for our domain, and she made it happen in a timely and attractive manner. I couldn’t be more pleased with what she did, couldn’t imagine anyone being easier or more pleasant to work with, and I wouldn’t hesitate to ask her the next time I have a project to do.

                                                                  -Pastor Tom NeCamp