You Are Your Habits

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How many times have you clicked on one of those articles that says something like “16 Things Successful People Do Before 8 AM”, or  “3 Weird Thoughts Happy People Have on Tuesdays”?  If you’re like me, you are insatiably intrigued, and you just have to know what those 16 things are that you should be doing every day, or that one thought you’ve been forgetting to think, which stands in the way of you and everlasting happiness and success. You read the article skim the bulletpoints, with growing disappointment. “Wake up at 6, Eat a Healthy Breakfast,Be Kind, Forgive People”,Blah, Blah,Blah. Heard it before.

You haven’t been scammed. You’ve just been reminded that the only way to get things done and be a better and more efficient person is to do hard things, monotonous things, things that sound a lot like what our parents called “common sense”.

I’d venture we all have a long list of things that we know we “should” do. We should eat better, read more, watch less tv, spend more time with our family. In fact I’d bet we’d all say that these things are key to changing our lives and improving ourselves, yet they are the first to get shoved down to the bottom of the list of daily “to-dos”.

What does get done, is the urgent. The things that are staring us in the face, threatening impending doom upon lack of completion. Tomorrow we will read the Bible, eat a healthy meal, pray, talk to our parents. Today we will do what “has to be done”. But tomorrow never comes.